La Dolce Vita

Into a world of mutton, potatoes and beer, the early Swiss Italian settlers brought salami, pasta and wine.

They helped establish enduring traditions of good food and wine, ‘taking the waters’ at our many mineral springs and love of family and community that we can all still enjoy today in our beautiful and bountiful region.

Bullarto Railway Embankment
Painting by: Phillip Edwards

Early Vineyards

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Italian-speaking settlers planted many of the first vineyards in Victoria. In May 1882, a list of vine growers in Victoria was compiled by the Victorian Board of Viniculture. Many local…

Living History

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Like their counterparts from all corners of the world, the Italian speakers’ first goldfield homes were tents. After some years, those who decided to make the Jim Crow (Daylesford) Goldfield…

A cheesy buckwheat pasta from the Swiss-Italian border

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By the time my great-grandfather disembarked in Melbourne in 1882, the allure of the gold that had attracted so many Swiss Italians to Australia had moved well beyond Victoria, all…

Bella Ciao

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Bella Ciao are a band based in Melbourne who play a wide range of Italian music. They have performed at past Swiss Italian Festas, and will again in the future.