Swiss Italian Festa 2020 – connecting our past to our present.

After 25 successive years, Hepburn’s much-loved Swiss Italian Festa took a well-deserved break in 2018 and 2019.

Sorely missed by the community, a passionate new committee has begun work to stage a grand return of the Swiss Italian Festival in 2020.

We look forward to sharing our history and identity with the broader community at Festa 2020.

We aim to bring families and friends together over five days to celebrate Swiss Italian culture, explore the very early beginnings of our village, and show how they have shaped who we are today.

We are currently seeking major partners, sponsors, venues and expressions of interest for events.

Join us in celebrating our 170+ year old Swiss Italian connections  and email us at

Congratulations to Jo O’Brien – the winner of the NYE Raffle!

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors for making such a brilliant prize package possible.

Hepburn Swiss Italian Festa Committee

Over a five day period the people of Hepburn Springs and Daylesford show off to their neighbours and the wider community of Victoria, their pride in the strong links to the Swiss and Italian settlers of the district in the 1850’s.

The Festa also highlights the wide-ranging skills and diversity of the present community and the areas unique environment, still closely linked to “taking the waters” at the numerous mineral springs.

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