2020 Festa Committee

Robyn Rogers (President) moved to Daylesford then Hepburn four years ago on retiring, and now participates in community projects and initiatives. She is a member of the International Women’s Day Committee, Hepburn Community Radio and was past President and member of the Daylesford Plastic Bag Free Committee. Robyn lived in Italy for 6 months in 2014 and continues to learn Italian with a local teacher.

Jacinta Tori (Treasurer) is a CPA qualified accountant with over 12 years’ experience working in the Local Government sector, and previously spent time working as an Auditor. Jacinta is a lifelong resident of Daylesford whose Swiss Italian ancestors came to the area in the 1860’s. She has a love of Italian language having studied for many years.

Helen Hambling (Secretary) has an extensive background in social policy with the Commonwealth Government and in the community sector. Helen is a Director on the Board of Victoria’s State Trustee. She now lives in Hepburn and loves the beauty and history of the region.

Emma Sol Westerbeek-Ireland (Festa Director & Schools Program) moved to Daylesford 12 years ago from Fitzroy. Her parents both lived and worked here in the 60’s and she has always had a love for the Shire. Em has a background in performance and event coordination. Her passions are music and diversity in the arts and culture. She is a dedicated facilitator of turning people’s ideas into events for everyone, and sees the importance of telling and sharing the origins and stories of our heritage so they don’t disappear.

John Stanwell (Grants & Fundraising) has worked extensively in the arts, in both the community and government sectors, in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. John now lives in Hepburn, and has Swiss Italian heritage dating back to the Australian goldrushes.

Stephen Carr (Heritage) lives in Hepburn Springs, and is an Electrical Contractor. He has Swiss Italian Heritage dating back to the late 1850’s. Stephen has experienced twenty Swiss Italian Festas and is passionate about its continuation.

Catherine Woodfield (Marketing & Social Media) held senior positions across a range of businesses over 20 years before deciding to establish her own company to focus on supporting & developing independent theatre-makers. Creating a multi-venue hub housed inside the historic Trades Hall for artists participating in Melbourne International Comedy Festivals and Melbourne Fringe Festivals, she also set-up and programmed Bella Union, a much-loved live performance venue & bar which operated for 10 years. Catherine is delighted to now be living in the Hepburn Shire.


Thank You / Ringraziamenti!

The Hepburn Swiss Italian Festa is made possible through the generous support of government funding, sponsorship and local volunteers and of course the active participation of many individuals, community organisations and local schools.

Without your support the Festa would not be possible. RINGRAZIAMENTI!

The 2020 Festa Committee would like to thank the 2017 Swiss Italian Festa Committee in particular for their tremendous support, as well as the the legion of past committee members and volunteers going back more than 25 years, and last but not least to our incredibly generous local and government sponsors and the community at large.