IN THE 1850S and 1860s many Swiss-Italians, mainly from the Italian speaking Swiss canton of Ticino, settled in the Hepburn Springs area (then called Spring Creek). It is claimed that 10% of the population at the time spoke Italian.

The influence of these early settlers is still obvious through the names of many of our springs, buildings and landscape, as well as in the names of many of our fellow citizens.

This walk, which will include both bush tracks and made roads, will trace some of the main Swiss Italian places of significance including the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve, Hepburn Swimming Pool, Locarno Springs, the former Macaroni Factory, Savoia Hotel, Parma House, Bellinzona The walk will take approximately 2 ½ hours and will require a reasonable level of fitness.

Walkers should dress appropriately for bush walking, wear sturdy footwear and bring a bottle of water.

An “Easy Walk” includes all the significant sites. Contact Ian for details.

This event will be attended by the Deputy Consul General, from the office of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Sydney.