Committee 2017

Festa Committee 2017

Ian Head

Michael DeVincentis

Ian Tinetti

Marketing and PR
Noelene Gration

Schools Program
Rebecca Anderson

Festa Director
Rebecca Anderson

2017 Festa identity & program design:
Design by Committee
Printed by: Bendigo Modern Press

Thank You / Ringraziamenti!

The Hepburn Springs Swiss & Italian Festa is made possible through the generous support of government funding, local sponsorship and volunteers and the active participation of many individuals, community organisations and local schools. Without your support the Festa would not be possible. RINGRAZIAMENTI!

The Festa would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their tremendous support of the 2017 Swiss & Italian Festa:
Past and present Swiss & Italian Festa committee members and volunteers; Jeff Bain; Alicia Kay & Artober; Trish Tinetti; David Wellings and the local SES; Daylesford Ballooning; Carol White; Anne. E. Stewart; Claire Gervasoni;
Sandy Breen; Rebecca Pedretti at Hepburn Shire Council; all participating artists, the many schools and community groups who work tirelessly to present the parade and school concert in particular, Hepburn Primary School, Trudi Blick and Susan Verbyla, and last but not least to our incredibly generous local and government sponsors and the community at large.